Welcome to my new website. 2013 is the year of the snake which means Transformation. Everyone on the planet is being asked to let go and re-birth themselves in some way. The end result will move you towards your heart’s desire. These steps may be small or large and sometimes one step back. The key is to keep moving, growing, and changing. I am here to help your co-create your goals. Think of me as your spiritual midwife helping to birth a new you. As a nurse I will always make sure you are okay. I will do this by nurturing or use a more direct approach. My girlfriend’s husband calls me the “Reality Checker.” I will always come from the spirit and heart.

I invite you to look at the different sections of my website. This site will be growing and interconnecting with different social media including the front page. I will have new information and tidbits to share with you to understand and make changes in your life.

Astrologically, October is going to be a roller coaster ride for everyone. Power plays and unexpected turn of events will be the norm through October 2013. The lunar eclipse on the 18th will bring us strong emotional and self-centered feelings. The key to making this eclipse work for you is to ask yourself what battles I really need to win. Did I win the fight but lose the war? Cooperation and a win/win attitude will help. Share when you can. Also look at new ways to grow your finances. You can spend money just not in a frivolous way. This does not rule out a movie night or even a well deserved vacation.

Balance between work and play will stabilize the chaos. The energy lasts six months and the United States, will be strongest over the next month. Watch the news and see how this plays out over the next few days.

You have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, apples are good for us in many ways. Apples help the body “mop up” and release toxins and radiation. Apples are a good source of nutrition and fiber. During the fall when apples are plentiful, make it a daily practice to eat this simple, power-packed food.

A study was released recently on CNN that links BPA found in plastics significantly increase the risk of infertility and miscarriages in women. BPA’s also affect men’s fertility. I know it is not always easy to avoid these plastics but make sure you do not reheat the plastic in a microwave. Don’t forget that water bottles left in the sun heat the plastic and leach the BPA into your water.


Just a few thoughts for you. Stop back often for updates and tips.

Love and health,