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When I was four years old my mom sat me down and said “we are going to decide what you are going to be when you grow up.”   My first response was ballerina!   Her scrunched up stern face spoke volumes. “NO!” she said firmly, “you can be a teacher, secretary or nurse.”   Okay, I decided …Nurse. It felt right and I knew at that moment who I was and where I was going. I learned as I got older– it is not a job but a personality. A friend told me “Deb you can’t get away from being a nurturer, it is in your DNA!”

So now I will tell you my journey…  I started candy striping at 14 and loved taking care of elderly people.  How happy they were just to have someone sit and talk with them. I belonged to Future Nurses in my high school and implemented a school-wide training program for teaching the students to learn self breast exams. When I graduated in 1976 I was given a monetary award from the VFW not for my grades but for my passion and drive for nursing.  Then I was off to Plattsburgh to become skilled at my dream and I tell you I had the time of my life!  I received a great education, made amazing friends, and experienced valuable learning lessons at places such as Shriners Hospital in Montreal, Roswell Park in Buffalo, and Ogdensburg Psych. My training was varied.

After I graduated I wanted to go on to be a midwife. Unfortunately family matters required that I return home.  Three days after graduating I walked into an ICU. It was a war zone. The words trauma unit did not exist then. This was the hub for any patient that was sick with the unknown or rare illnesses and trauma that was critical. They also did research for new drugs and procedures.  I now see these being used as routine. I am proud to have been a part development stages. I worked there for 16 years until repeated back injuries forced me to go in a different direction.

Choices —I always say it is about choices. Stay home or redirect my career? The choice was clear. Regroup and move in a new direction. There is a saying, if you are off your path God will come along and do something to knock you back on your path.

Bella, my spirit guide knocked me right in line with Dr. Rosita Arvigo. I told her she saved my life.  I never looked back!  She asked me to come to Belize with her and 11 other medical professionals to study woman’s health based on Mayan knowledge with the traditional healers.  Pinch me please. Could it be any better?  This redirection did seem like the logical forward progression for me. I had been a Reiki Master for years and had been doing Intuitive and Astrological readings for a long time. I had been making use of alternative healing on myself to improve my wellbeing. It just made sense to follow that path further.  Doors opened wide and I ran through them. My journey would take me to different states and countries studying and doing clinical. I continue to increase and hone my skills.  It is now a labor of love. 

Spirit wasn’t finished with the redirection yet. They had to bring in the other part of me– the intuitive side.  I have been seeing and hearing spirit since I was a child. I thought it was normal until we took a family vacation to Salem. Then I realized not everyone hears and sees Angels. It was a life altering, reality-forming vacation.

When I got my first Tarot deck at 18 I threw away the directions and just knew how to read them. My initial advance spiritual teaching at that time was from a Catholic priest. He taught me how to spiritually cleanse environments as well as people.  My mother was also a mentor teaching me astrology, spirit communication and many other practices. My mother was also a reader, tracing spirituality all the way back to the Mayflower. My greatest medium lessons came while working at the hospital.  That is the frontline where people are on the edge of living and dying. That is where you either help them cross or help them stay.  The frontline (hospital) is where you do the consoling and helping families deal with their grief.

In my mid 30’s I took a break from reading. I was burnt out and frustrated that my clients were not moving forward and growing.  Jennifer, a fellow intuitive said, “Deb, you can’t run away from who you are. You have to go back to reading!”  UGGH!!  So I asked my spirit Bella for help.  The words she gave me were, “go back to your root of who you are and that is how I want you to read.’ It finally clicked for me.

My brain accepted this was my reality right down to my roots and in my DNA. I am the Nurturer. I am the Nurse.  I do my readings in a holistic approach. I find getting to the core of the issue and dealing with the symptoms of a problem is the key to truly helping people. I never lose my passion for this process.

Whether it is helping a person have closure with a loss of a loved one, helping a woman with infertility, helping you with your romance, or  career paths my focus remains the same. I strive to co-create with you and your Angels and mine to move you in the best way towards your goals and dreams.  Sometimes I may be gentle and sometimes tough but always, always coming from my heart so you can be your best self!

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