Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy            Price $75
Raindrop therapy was invented by Dr. Gary Young founder of Young Living Essential Oils.  The raindrop technique uses therapeutic grade essential oils with vita-flex and reflexology techniques. The oils are “rain dropped” over the spine and feet a warm moist towel is applied to increase absorption.
Raindrop therapy has been known to stimulate the immune system, detox the body of certain viruses that reside in the spine. Creating an environment unsuitable for them to live combined while stimulating the immune system helping the body to detox, release, and heal naturally.
This therapy promotes harmony and balance in the body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
The oils used are:
Oregano and Tyme: which attacks bacteria and viruses
Cypress: increases circulation
Basil: antispasmotic
Wintergreen: antinflammatory/antispasmotic and analgesic                              
Marjoram: relaxes muscles  lowers blood pressure
Peppermint: antispasmotic and helps to other oils to penetrate skin
Valor (blend): cleanses the energy fields, aligns, and balances
Aroma Siez (blend): relaxing and soothing

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