Schedule a Home Party

What is a house party?  A house party is when you invite a few friends over add some snacks and drinks then sit down and have a relaxing reading. I will come to your home and give each one of your guests a private 15 or 30 minute reading. If you have five or more paying guests you get a free reading.  Each reading is CD recorded.
I do Psychic, Mediumship, Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, and Pet communication.  You can mix the services or focus on one area.  A semi-private area to do the readings is recommended.
Fifteen minute readings are $30 and can be upgraded to half hour reading.  Short readings are good for a quick question or two or for large gatherings.  Thirty minute readings are $60 in the Buffalo/Niagara region and $65 for the Rochester/Syracuse area.
Gallery, schools, and cooperated events please call for pricing based on your needs.
For entertainment reasons only

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