About Bella Speaks

I am frequently asked why do you use the name Bella speaks? 
Bella is the name I gave my Angel/Spirit guide.  When she came to me I felt she was the most beautiful Angel I had every seen.  I asked her what her name was and she said “ Hmm, name me want you want ! ”  Being half Italian I named her Bella for beautiful.  Then when I got my first radio show in 2005 my DJ and I decided to make Bella’s wisdom the center of the show hence Bella speaks.  The tradition continued when I had a regular column in the Psychic Observer speaking Bella’s words in a funny, loving and genuinely grounded way.  
Her official name is the Goddess one who has no name.   She rules the High heart of unconditional love. When I asked her why did she choose me she stated that I could take advance concepts or problems and break them down to help people in a no nonsense compassionate way.  Friends and clients will also tell you she has a great and unique sense of humor and style.  With Bella comes my other guide Ted who has the energy of your best friend he knows how to soothe emotions, bring out your inner child and is extremely protective. The rest of the team you will know and I will bring in depending on what you need.  They are the Archangels, Mother Mary, St. Theresa, Buddha, The Sacred Heart, your Guides, Angels, Loved ones and of course my Mom who passed in 2012. My mother did the same work continues to teach and guide me from the other side.  

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